July 24, 2018

Brunette Park

Goal: $1,500,000

If Cathedral High School ever needed a tangible reminder of divine providence working in our midst, Brunette Park would be it. In the summer of 2016, Cathedral discovered that the Midwest Regional Little League property at 44th and Mitthoeffer was coming up for sale. Suddenly, a 35-acre oasis in our area was available and within reach. The space available in this location has the potential to house soccer, baseball, softball, football, track, lacrosse, cross country, tennis, and more, but initial plans will focus on baseball, softball, cross country, lacrosse, and soccer. Cathedral staff knew this was God’s plan for our campus to expand and we leapt at the chance to make it happen. Now, we do not just have space for games, but we have an athletic home.

Through this serendipitous expansion, Cathedral now has a home and an opportunity to reach a new community with Holy Cross values.


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