July 24, 2018

Endowment Initiatives

Goal: $9,000,000 – FULLY FUNDED

Perpetuating the Mission

We currently have a student population that encompasses a diverse socio-economic spectrum with nearly 40% of the student body representing families who have shown a financial need during the application process and receive tuition assistance. However, the school is able to fund less than 50% of the combined financial needs of those families that have qualified for tuition assistance.

We know that a Catholic education has long been the most effective tool for ensuring all students, no matter their background, have the best possible chance at living a productive life. Accordingly, we are expanding our commitment to provide aid, undergirding support for our mission. Through the Centennial Campaign, $1 million will prefund tuition assistance putting aid funds in place before assistance is awarded and $1 million will support the endowment, assuring aid will be available for any deserving student for generations to come. We believe this is a reflection of our greatest strengths and will perpetuate our foundational values into the next 100 years.

Professional Excellence

Cathedral seeks to recruit, retain and reward exceptional educators, who continually reflect on their practice and effectiveness guided by the Holy Cross philosophy of education. In order to retain and attract extraordinary educators, we must reward teachers with a compensation package that reflects their professional market value and is competitive with neighboring schools.

If we believe that students are our greatest priority, then we must provide them with the best educators. We also must encourage these educators to continuously pursue professional growth permeating Cathedral’s Holy Cross values of excellence, integrity, divine providence, educating hearts and minds, family, inclusivity, option for the poor, hope and zeal.