May 9, 2018


…and if we don’t we will find them for you. Below you will find some of the questions we have been asked about for this 100 year celebration and campaign. If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to the Advancement department at

1. What is Cathedral’s Centennial Campaign? What are we raising funds for?

Based on extensive planning, reflection, and input from our community, Cathedral’s Centennial Campaign is positioned to be the tipping point for robust capital improvements and strategic enhancements that will stimulate the next 100 years of continued excellence. Cathedral’s initial goal is to raise a minimum of $20 million to support the Centennial Campaign, with a stretch goal of $25 million. We are raising funds to support:


  • Innovation Center ($12,000,000): Build a one-of-a-kind, premier facility that will expand Cathedral’s commitment to excellence in next generation learning practices, which are focused on problem solving and real-world application infused with technology.
  • Endowment Initiatives ($9,000,000): Growth in the endowment to support tuition assistance and teacher compensation
  • Brunette Park Athletic Facilities ($1,500,000): Seize an opportunity to expand the campus with the recent purchase of Brunette Park athletic facilities. As sporting activities are transitioned to this location, Cathedral’s desire to invest in the east-side community as an integral partner will also start to take shape.



2. Why are we doing this campaign now?

For almost 100 years, Cathedral has transformed generations of students to have the competence to see and the courage to act to make the world a better place. Today, Cathedral proudly serves Indiana as a premier Catholic high school in the state. Rooted in our tradition of academic excellence, our vision is to be the Catholic high school of the future, providing the best possible education for the individual student with a firm foundation in Holy Cross values.

Our school’s leadership has recently completed a new strategic plan, which will guide Cathedral as she embarks on her next century. Together, we have identified a number of capital improvements and smart investments that will position Cathedral for mission achievement. Philanthropic support will be needed to make this vision a reality. As such, it’s the perfect time to embark upon a Centennial Campaign that will raise funds that will propel Cathedral forward into her next 100 years.

3. Why do we need an Innovation Center? What’s the philosophy behind the concept?

A few years ago, Cathedral introduced a new STEM initiative to put even more emphasis on project-based and next-generation learning. Cathedral can and is already promoting interdisciplinary learning and exploration in our traditional classrooms. A highly personalized approach to learning is already maintained, and we place a special emphasis on technology in the classroom.

However, as technology continues to drive our world, students need the best educational options in the fields of engineering, computer programing, robotics, science, and design. There is no school in the Indianapolis area that is as uniquely positioned as Cathedral is to prepare students for jobs that have not been created and launching them into careers we cannot fathom. Indianapolis has all the ingredients of a great city including arts and culture, philanthropy, business, health, and education. Cathedral continues to enhance the community by producing the next generation of innovators and serves as an asset to attract families and leaders to the Indianapolis community.

This opportunity will push Cathedral to the forefront of innovative instruction models – not only in Indianapolis but across the country. The founder of the Brothers of Holy Cross, Basil Moreau, believed we should provide students with every bit of knowledge they will need. But more than that, we should also give them the understanding and character to put that knowledge to good use, for themselves and for others. Yes, the Innovation Center will have extraordinary technology rich classrooms and state-of-the-art labs – yet, more importantly, this premier facility will be intentionally designed to inspire the imagination of all those who enter. By changing the physical space that fosters our student and teacher interactions, we will provide the intellectual flexibility for instruction, reinforce positive risk-taking and an entrepreneurial mindset, and promote innovative collaboration.

Finally, we envision this space as the new hub of the school. It will house a cafeteria and flexible spaces that will encourage students to discuss what they have learned outside the classroom. It will bustle with the life of students and teachers who are making a difference in the world around us. Even the location of the Innovation Center has been carefully chosen linking the humanities, arts, sciences, math, and theology.

4. How will the Innovation Center – and other capital improvements – affect tuition & operating costs?

Capital improvements will be addressed completely through fundraising dollars. The Innovation Center's operating costs have been considered in our long-term planning.  The operating costs for the facility will require a maximum 0.6% increase in the tuition starting in the 2019-2020 school year.

5. How was Brunette Park chosen as the location for our new athletic facilities? Is the neighborhood safe?

This is the first time in Cathedral’s 100-year history that our school will have a centralized location for sporting activities – a true athletic home. The space available in Brunette Park has the potential to house soccer, baseball, softball, football, track, lacrosse, cross country, tennis, and more (initial plans will focus on baseball, softball, cross country, lacrosse, and soccer). This is a place where students will be able to build greater relationships by cheering for each other at multiple events in one location.

It is also a place where Cathedral can put other Holy Cross values to work. The community surrounding the park needs encouragement and investment. Previously, the property had not been fully utilized as an environment to strengthen the community or give back to its neighbors. Cathedral staff have determined we want to engage the families living around the park in family-friendly activities such as youth camps and little league baseball to increase community morale. We want to be an active participant and neighbor, with a willingness to listen to community members and partner with them to enhance the east-side.

Not only is Brunette Park a stunning property, it is a safe one. Recent crime data shows Brunette Park has one of the lowest crime rates in the city. The area immediately surrounding the property is also safe. While there may be a perception that crime is high surrounding Brunette Park, data shows crime in the area is down significantly since 2010. Perhaps not coincidentally, access to quality Pre-K programs is up by an extraordinary 23% since 2010. According to the Economic Opportunity Institute, powerful evidence from one study after another proves that high quality care in the first years of life can greatly reduce the risk that today’s children will become tomorrow’s violent teens and adults. Additionally, now students will be in one location instead of driving to athletic home events all over the city of Indianapolis.

With her strong brand and reputation of excellence, Cathedral High School now has the opportunity to take what has already been started, and truly transform the Far Eastside into a thriving, vibrant community. One of our Holy Cross values is Zeal. “If we want to do and be our best, we need to recognize society’s needs and offer our best; knowing we have gifts to share that can and will make a difference as we do God’s will.”

6. Who is being asked to support this Campaign?

All members of the Cathedral community will be asked to prayerfully consider a financial pledge to the Centennial Campaign.

7. How will this campaign affect Cathedral’s Annual Fund?

In the short term, annual giving is expected to remain constant. Throughout the campaign, alumni, current and past parents, and friends of Cathedral will be asked as good stewards to give above and beyond their regular giving. This campaign is not intended to deter community members from their regular annual giving. In the long term, campaigns generally lead to higher annual giving because community members are encouraged to embrace stewardship as a way of life in loving service – sharing and giving the first fruits of our labor.

8. Why are we emphasizing pledges?

The Centennial Campaign emphasizes pledging because it allows individuals and families the opportunity to consider larger commitments than they might be able to consider through a one-time gift. Past experience shows that donors who pledge are able to consider gifts four to five times larger than those who make one-time gifts. This is important in a campaign of this magnitude.

9. Why are you requesting a specific amount?

It is important to communicate to all prospective donors what level of support is needed to achieve our goals. We do not know anyone’s private financial circumstances, and we receive gifts at all levels with gratitude. We ask each family to prayerfully consider a gift that is appropriate and personally sacrificial.

10. Why ask households for different amounts? Wouldn’t dividing the goal by the # of households be easier and fairer?

It certainly would be easier. However, it definitely would not be fair, and would put our ability to reach our goal at risk. A principle of this campaign is equal sacrifice, not equal giving. We all give to Cathedral at varying degrees. Households will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Centennial Campaign, but not everyone will be able to participate at the same financial level. By asking for different amounts based on past giving and commitment to the school, we challenge all to give as they are able and according to their blessings. In the process, it helps to ensure the campaign’s success.

11. Why do you think our family can give at this level?

We do not know your financial situation, but we do know we need the entire Cathedral family's support in order to be successful. Request amounts are based upon your past generosity and also the financial needs of Cathedral. Our hope is that you give this request serious thought and prayer.

12. What if I choose to not give the amount requested?

Your family and your situation are unique; only you can decide what gift you are able to make. You are simply asked to prayerfully consider a specific gift. Whatever your response, it should be one of choice and sacrifice.

13. Why is each donor asked to complete a pledge card?

A donor is asked to complete a pledge card so the gift may be appropriately recorded and acknowledged by the school. The most important information we request is the total amount of the commitment, the amount of the initial payment (if any), the balance, and the payment plan selected by the donor. Donors are asked to sign a pledge card as a good faith commitment, indicating that they have agreed to the terms of the gift indicated on the card. A pledge card is not a legally binding document.

14. What if I am unable to fulfill my original pledge amount?

Understandably, unanticipated events or situations can occur. If for any reason your circumstances change, you may contact the Cathedral Advancment Office to adjust your pledge to align with your new situation.

15. Why is an initial payment requested? Is it required?

The Centennial Campaign asks for an initial payment to begin a pledge. It helps the campaign immediately by addressing our most pressing needs. Many donors prefer to begin their pledges immediately; however, an initial payment is not required, and a donor may elect to delay the payment start date. Initial payment checks (and subsequent payments) should be made payable to Cathedral High School.

16. Can trusts, deferred gifts or estate-type gifts be made to the campaign?

Yes. Gifts of this nature often allow donors the ability to make gifts far larger than present income would allow.

Possible planned gifts include a percentage or specific amount in an estate or trust, beneficiaries of life insurance policies and retirement plans, income producing charitable gifts (including charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts), and gifts of real estate and appreciated assets.

The following is sample language for unrestricted and restricted beneficiary gifts for use in your will:

“I, [Donor Name], bequeath to Cathedral High School, located at 5225 E 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN, $_____, [the sum of]  or ____ percent of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate.”

It is Cathedral’s policy that unrestricted estate gifts of any dollar amount shall be designated as endowment for the Cathedral Endowment.  If a donor is interested in giving a planned gift, he/she should contact Abbe Ernstes or Nicole Beasley in the Cathedral Advancement Office.

17. Are gifts to the campaign tax deductible?

Yes, gifts to the campaign are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The application of such laws varies with individual financial circumstances. Individuals or families with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorney or tax preparer.

18. I would like to make a pledge, but our budget is especially tight this year. How can I still participate?

The campaign pledge is structured over a period of three- to five-years. You can determine when you want to start payment of your pledge.

19. What if we do not raise enough to meet our goal? What happens if we raise more than our goal?

We fully expect to meet our goal, but we will not address any needs until we have received a substantial portion of the necessary funds, and all contributions will be held in a special account until this point. In the unlikely event the campaign raises significantly less than anticipated, we will prioritize our greatest needs.

Over the next ten years, Cathedral plans to invest approximately $55 million in capital projects. In the event we significantly surpass our goal, we will allocate excess funds to these robust capital improvements and strategic enhancements:

  • Renovations to the Student Life Center, Cafeteria, Kelly Hall, Loretto Hall, Welch Student Activity Center, Weight Room, and Parking Lot
  • Construction of a New Chapel and Fieldhouse
  • Additions to the Leadership Building
  • Expansion of Campus and Upgrades to Brunette Park’s Athletic Facilities
20. How can I be sure that my pledge goes towards the components outlined in the case for support?

Cathedral has both a moral and legal obligation to restrict these funds for the stated elements. The funds raised for the campaign will be used exclusively for the named case elements. These funds are protected.

21. Are there naming opportunities available?

You can leave a lasting legacy and further our mission by securing a naming opportunity.  The Advancement Department has a list of available naming opportunities, beginning at $25,000.  Please contact Nicole Beasley at 317-968-7383 or for more information.