July 24, 2018

Innovation Center

Goal: $12,000,000

The Innovation Center is a symbol of what is to come and a marker of Cathedral’s academic preeminence in Indianapolis. This premier facility will push Cathedral to the forefront of education with a space that not only promotes interdisciplinary learning and exploration, but also enhances our academic approach to science and captivates our students.

As technology continues to drive our world, students need the best educational options in the fields of engineering, computer programming, robotics, science, and design. We will have a science center and makerspace that provides the flexibility for instruction and lab experience that parallels the space and thinking of Eli Lilly, Roche, Google, and Apple.

Our students only have one chance at a high school experience that will prepare them to thrive. With the Innovation Center, Cathedral is uniquely positioning herself to educate students in transformational ways unlike any school in the area.

Classrooms and Labs – We are investing in technology rich classrooms, specifically planned for engineering, science, robotics, computer programming, and design courses. Additionally, the Innovation Center will have state of the art labs, complete with designated space and best in class tools for prototype testing and experiments. Multipurpose Space - On the ground floor, the Innovation Center will house a cafeteria and spaces that can also serve as a lecture hall, coffee house or even a performance venue



Innovation Center and Campus Renderings

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